School District No. 2

About School District #2:

School Districts are governed by Wyoming State Statutes §21-3-101 through §21-3-501. Platte County School District #2 operates Guernsey-Sunrise School, which is a K-12 facility with approximately 250 students and 75 staff members. PCSD#2 serves the Guernsey and Hartville areas. PCSD#2 has not created a distinct recreation district but one property tax mill is levied within the boundaries of PCSD#2  pursuant to Wyoming State Statute §18-9-201(b) and is distributed directly from the County Treasurer to PCSD#2 for the purposes of providing public recreation.

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School District Contact Information:

Administration Office & Guernsey-Sunrise School:
Physical Address: 555 South Wyoming Avenue, Guernsey, WY 82214
Mailing Address: PO Box 189, Guernsey, WY 82214
Phone: (307)836-2735

School District Board Members:

Gary Anderson, Chairman
Neil Waring, Vice-Chairman
Lucas Zapf, Clerk
Tyler Schiele, Treasurer
Shawna Reichert, Trustee

School District Superintendent:

Mike Beard

Current PCSD #2 Budget Information:

There are multiple Constitutional and Statutory references found in Wyoming law concerning taxation for schools. In the State Constitution under Article 15 §5, schools in Wyoming are granted a twelve mill levy; an additional six mills are levied for the purposes of maintaining and supporting public schools, pursuant to the Wyoming State Constitution Article 15 §17. Under Wyoming State Statute §21-13-102 a maximum rate of school district tax is set. For more information please visit with the Platte County Assessor and review PCSD #2's most recent budget.

FY20 Final Budget

School Board Meeting Minutes:

For copies of board meeting minutes please visit the following website

Tri-City Parks & Recreation District:

About Parks & Rec.: 

The Tri-City Parks & Recreation District is an independent board that is primarily funded by Platte County School District #2 and the Town of Guernsey. The board is made up of numerous individuals, one of which is a liaison from the PCSD#2 school board. To become a board member interested individuals need to write a letter to the Superintendent of Schools who will verify that the interested party lives within the boundaries of PCSD#2. The Superintendent will then forward the applicant to the Tri-City Parks & Rec. board for their consideration.

For more information about Tri-City Parks and Recreation please visit their Facebook page.

Parks & Rec. Contact Information:

Recreation Office:
Physical Address:172 W. Burlington Street, Room 218, Guernsey, WY 82214
Mailing Address: PO Box 898, Guernsey, WY 82214
Phone: (307)836-2736

Parks & Rec. Budget:

Tri-City Parks Recreation District FY20 Final Budget

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