Recording Information

34-1-101 34-1-407

34-1-118 - recorded in office of county clerk in the county where the land lies.

34-4-119 - duties of county clerk, generally

Recordings are one of the most important services the Platte County Clerk's Office provides. A recording is any document that needs to be a matter of permanent, public record. Most often a recording has to do with land records so recorded documents are usually deeds, mortgages, contracts for deeds, mining claims, etc.

Here are some things we look for before recording a document:

  • All documents must be originals or certified copies
  • Document Format:
    • No larger than legal size (8 1/2" x 14"); fees are the same for letter and legal size
    • Two (2) inch top margin; one (1) inch right hand, left hand and bottom margins
    • May be double-sided; however, each side counts as one page to calculate fees
    • Cover letters are not required, but they are appreciated as they contain helpful contact information
  • All documents on which a signature is required must be notarized
  • Names must be printed or typed under all signatures except for notaries and witnesses
  • All documents must have both a "Grantor" and a "Grantee"
  • Documents which need to be abstracted must have a valid Platte County legal description
  • Documents may still be recorded without a legal description, but they will not be abstracted in the tract indexes
  • Deeds or other documents which convey ownership or interest must be accompanied by a Statement of Consideration Form. The Statement of Consideration is a confidential document used by the County Assessor to determine market value of all property in the county
  • Documents must also come with the proper recording fees (see Fees)
  • All documents must be clearly readable and reproducible

The Platte County Clerk's Office is a recording depository only. We cannot provide legal advice on what, when, why or how to record a document. Our office strongly suggests going to a licensed attorney to prepare documents to record or to draw up the paperwork themselves. We will record any document as long as it meets the above-mentioned standards.

If a person needs to research land records for any reason, calling a title company to do the research for you is an excellent way to save time and confusion. However, the Platte County Clerk's Office maintains excellent land records. Each of our staff is trained to help guide the public in researching land records but we cannot do the research for them. If a person would like to do the research themselves, we will be happy to help them get started.

Title companies provide an essential service to the public. They can provide information for recording documents as well as researching titles to be sure they are clear of liens and outside interest. Title companies also provide title insurance which can save enormous problems when buying or selling property. There are two title companies in Wheatland and they are:

First American Title Company
1560 Johnston St., Ste E
Wheatland, WY 82201
Phone: 307-322-2133
Fax: 307-322-2213

Premier Title Company
900 8th St.
Wheatland, WY 82201
Phone: 307-322-1588
Fax: 307-322-1660